Litigation - Disini Law Office
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The firm has expertise in all manners of disputes, whether criminal, civil, or administrative, with a focus on cases involving technology, such as electronic evidence. Over the past two decades, we have handled litigation and mediation for large-scale IT disputes, government procurement projects, and online platforms. And have prosecuted and defended clients against cybercrimes 


Our lawyers have a wide range of experience in litigation matters, including:

  • Cybercrime Defense and Prosecution
  • Debt Collection
  • Fraud
  • Criminal Defense and Prosecution
  • Contract Breach and Enforcement
  • Property and Real Estate
  • Public Interest Litigation
  • Electronic Evidence Presentation and Admissibility
  • Real Estate and Land Title Authenticity
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Discovery Procedures
  • Intra-corporate disputes

Some of the recent projects and work in Litigation include:

  • Acting as both prosecution and defense in cybercrime cases, including hacking, cyber libel, computer-related fraud, and system interference
  • Representing clients in large-scale IT procurement projects with government agencies, involving disputes on delays, bidding issues, and breach of contract
  • Working closely with law enforcement to secure cybercrime warrants against perpetrators under the new cybercrime prevention act.
  • Instituting cases against employees who illegally access or delete sensitive company information
  • Filing complaints against users of online platforms who were engaged in a massive a disinformation campaign
  • Handling cases involving real estate, including cases involving falsified titles, land grabbing campaigns, and real estate mortgages. Filed cases questioning issuances of a regulator, which have industry-wide ramifications in the field of insurance
  • Representing foreign nationals who were victims of a swindling operation
  • Assisting a client in recovering a domain name through the World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Defending clients who were duly registered independent contractors against claims of employment
  • Assisting a connectivity platform against claims of employment by users of the platform
  • Assisting a multinational company in settling infringement claims of a global software company
  • Handling both petitions for trademark registration and oppositions to such registration in the Philippine Intellectual Property Organization