Disini Buted Disini participates in WORQSHOP: Data Privacy Law for Startups - Disini Law Office
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Disini Buted Disini participates in WORQSHOP: Data Privacy Law for Startups

Last October 12, 2020, Disini Buted Disini participated in “WORQSHOP: Data Privacy Law for Startups”, a workshop organized by QBO Philippines. The workshop set out to help start-ups learn about the basics of data privacy, the landscape of data privacy laws in the Philippines, its legal framework, and how startups can begin its compliance process on data protection as may be required by the Data Privacy Act.

Atty. Lars Serzo and Atty. Paula Filart of Disini Buted Disini lectured on data privacy compliance and the practical way to go about it. Atty. Serzo, who heads the firm’s technology practice, examined the landscape of data privacy laws in the Philippines and delved into cross-border data privacy and protection – a meaningful and contemporary response to the growing need for the expansion of trading opportunities with other countries. Meanwhile, Atty. Filart, who is part of the firm’s data privacy core team, focused on laying the groundwork for start-ups by discussing what they primarily need to consider in terms of their compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. 

Atty. Serzo and Atty. Filart both stressed that, during this period of a great digital shift where information gathering has become increasingly important, startups should also be concerned with the proper know-how on data privacy, practice, protection, and compliance. Start-ups need to be proactive in laying importance to data privacy compliance before getting impacted by a potential crisis. Successful and efficient data privacy practices must start from the top-down – business owners themselves, on the outset, need to be aware of data privacy laws and regulations in order to strengthen the foundations of their businesses. 

Disini Buted Disini is one of the country’s leading firms in the field of technology, e-commerce, data privacy, and cyberspace law. With its long experience in the field of technology law, Disini Buted Disini combines legal expertise with in-depth knowledge of the Internet, convergence, telecommunications, new media, emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies.