The Business of Influencer Marketing - Disini Law Office
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The Business of Influencer Marketing

On September 3, 2020, Disini Law, in partnership with the Digital Freedom Network, hosted a webinar entitled The Business of Influencer Marketing as part of the webinar series Digital Transformation Thursdays. This episode discussed the growing business of influencer marketing from three perspectives: the brand angle, the advertising agency angle, and the influencer angle.

Adel de Jesus, Digital Marketing Manager of Emperador Distillers, Inc., focused on the brand side of the industry. He said that brands now spend more on influencer marketing and less on the traditional modes of advertising. Brands choose to collaborate with influencers because according to De Jesus, “[I]influencer marketing is a great way to help brands reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost marketing ROI and bottom line.” 

Meanwhile, Jim Guzman, Head of Social Media of Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines, presented the perspective of the advertising agencies. He noted that there has been a transformation with marketing and advertising in the recent years, in that “[C]ontent creation is already shifting.” Brands are no longer the lead actors; instead they take the roles of agents, directors, or co-stars. All these roles necessarily require collaboration with the content creators or the influencers themselves.

Finally, Ace Gapuz, Chief Executive Officer of Blogapalooza, represented the influencers or, as they would call it, the supply side of the industry. She mentioned the importance of the community, emphasizing that “the industry will grow, but that growth will only happen if we also make the community grow.”

All three speakers, together with Atty. JJ Disini, are members of the board of the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines (CICP). Established last January 8, 2020, the CICP aims to shape, inspire, educate, and empower the creator and influencer industry.

The recording of this session can be viewed on Disini Law’s Facebook page . To know more about the upcoming Digital Transformation Thursdays webinars, you can visit for more information.