#DisiniTechLegalForumOnCybercrime: Speakers Emphasize the Need for Government and Private Sector to Collaborate - Disini Law Office
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#DisiniTechLegalForumOnCybercrime: Speakers Emphasize the Need for Government and Private Sector to Collaborate

Speakers at the Disini Tech Legal Forum on Cybercrime, conducted last February 24, 2016 at Dusit Thani Manila, said that cracking down on cybercrime is still a huge challenge.

Cybercrime complaints, based on the data from law enforcement agencies, are not many. According to Head Agent Ronald Aguto of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), most of these complaints are libel cases and complaints involving violations of the Anti-Child Pornography Law. The Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNPACG) on the other hand, said that most of the cases reported to them were related to robbery and sextortion, as well as ATM and credit card fraud.

Police Superintendent Jay Guillermo, Assistant Chief, Anti-Cybercrime Operations and Training Division, PNPACG, noted that while the number of Internet users are growing, cybercrime doesn’t seem to be on pace, which could be a case of underreporting. He said that “there is clearly a need to educate the public on their rights and spread awareness on the violations that can be prosecuted under Philippine laws.”

It was concluded by the speakers in the forum, that there is a need for active vigilance on cybercrime.

“It (cybercrime) is encompassing and vast and everybody is vulnerable. We can always mitigate the risks, but to do that there has to be a collaborative effort between the government and the private sector,” said Head Agent Aguda said.

“Collaboration and cooperation with international anti-crime agencies, as well as the donor community and tech companies help a lot in the local effort to train more cybercrime experts, acquire equipment and funding, and expand services.”, Hon. Caparas added.

Atty. JJ Disini of Disini & Disini Law Office however noted that under the IRR, there is greater chance for cybercrime to be investigated properly. He further said that between the law enforcement professionals, and the prosecutors and the judicial system, there should be sufficient enforcement of cybercrime and that the country is very far ahead from where it was some years ago.

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