Disini & Disini Launches Two New Logos in its 15th Year - Disini Law Office
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Disini & Disini Launches Two New Logos in its 15th Year

Disini & Disini Law Office is proud to introduce a new firm logo, as well as a commemorative logo in celebration of its 15th year.

Founded in 2000, D&D has grown to become the leading law firm in technology practice in the Philippines.

Retaining its original blue color, the new logo is composed of a single “D” stylized to reflect the firm’s values. The vertical stroke of the central D is a pillar, symbolizing the firm’s adherence to the foundations of legal practice, whereas the arc is formed by multiple pixels to represent D&D’s thrust toward technology law and other emerging areas of practice.

new D&D logo

Meanwhile, the anniversary logo has the firm’s foundation year (2000) and the current year (2015) imprinted on both sides of the “D”, as well as the Roman numeral for “15”.

new D&D logo - anniv


These new logos better represent D&D’s dedication, both to the well-established principles in legal practice and to the habit of formulating non-intuitive and unique answers to the challenges faced by its clients.