Data Privacy Trajectories - Disini Law Office
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Data Privacy Trajectories

In Data Privacy Trajectories held last July 16, 2020, Disini Law, in partnership with Digital Freedom Network, invited distinguished guests, Dr. Clarisse Girot, PHD, Data Privacy Project Lead at the Asian Business Law Institute and Honorable Raymond Liboro, Commissioner and Chairman of the National Privacy Commission to share invaluable insights concerning the challenges and trajectories in data privacy from both the Philippine and regional context.

Dr. Girot and Hon. Liboro addressed pertinent issues brought into the open by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as issues concerning consent, contact tracing, and handling of data obtained by the government and private institutions. 

Data Privacy Trajectories is the latest episode in Disini Law’s webinar series Digital Transformation Thursdays. For future webinars visit the Digital Transformation Thursdays website ( 

The video recording for this episode with Dr. Girot and Hon. Liboro is available on the Disini Law Facebook page (