Atty. Lars Serzo Joins the 6th APPC as Technology Law Expert - Disini Law Office
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Atty. Lars Serzo Joins the 6th APPC as Technology Law Expert

On 17 September 2020, Atty. Aiken Larisa “Lars” Serzo, a senior associate at the Disini Law and a consultant at the Technology Law and Policy Program of the UP Law Center, participated in Institutional Innovations and Reforms under the New Normal, the second installment of the webinar series for the 6th Annual Public Policy Conference (APPC). The speakers and panelists were invited to talk about concrete institutional innovations and reforms that have resulted in the achievement of certain policy objectives, as well as the constraints and opportunities for institutional innovation.

Along with Atty. Serzo, National Privacy Commission (NPC) Commissioner and Chairman Mr. Raymund E. Liboro and Ateneo School of Government Dean Dr. Ronald U. Mendoza also served as panelists. The event was moderated by Dr. Charlotte Justine Sicat, a Research Fellow at the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS). The speakers for the event were Dr. Ju-Ho Lee, a Professor at the School of Public Policy and Management in the Korea Development Institute (KDI) in South Korea, and Mr. Sean McDonald, Co-Founder of Digital Public, Chief Executive Officer at FrontlineSMS, and Senior Fellow at Center for International Governance Innovation. Dr. Lee’s presentation discussed transformations in education after COVID-19, while Mr. McDonald’s lecture focused on building a digital public.

The APPC is the culminating activity of the Development Policy Research Month held every September. It aims to convene policy experts and researchers in order to analyze issues pertinent to development planning and policy making. Since its launch in 2015, the APPC has now become a platform for discussion of important socioeconomic issues and several actionable recommendations.