Launch of Data Privacy Free Basics Series (January 2019) - Disini Law Office
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Launch of Data Privacy Free Basics Series (January 2019)

In January 2019, Disini and Disini Law Office and Data Privacy Series launched a regular free Data Privacy Orientation series known as Data Privacy Act Free Basics. The series features members of the Disini Data Privacy Core team offering an hour-long orientation on the Data Privacy Act. The first of the series was held at the Disini and Disini Law Office (2nd Floor, Philippine Social Science Center) on 5 January 2019, followed by sessions held on February 6 and March 20. Representatives coming from various industries such as financial services, IT solutions, NGOs, business management consultancies, and marketing agencies attended the sessions and asked questions from resource speakers Attys. Mark Parcia and Roberto Miguel Raneses.

A special Data Privacy Free Basics session featuring the Disini Data Privacy Core Team was hosted by QBO Innovation Hub in Taguig City on 20 February 2019. This session was attended by representatives of various start-up companies eager to understand the data privacy rules that cover their respective businesses.